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Pre-sale is open now: 1ETH = 20000 PKH (50% discount)

Pikacho (PKH)

Pikacho on blockchain made by and made for pikachu fans.
Not affiliated with Nintendo or Pok√©mon. ūüź• Join Pre-sale now

Token sale

Pikacho Pres-sale is open. 1ETH = 20000 PKH (50% discount)

How to buy Pikacho (PKH)?

Send ETH to contract 0xFc71fA36E95aBAe8c1CEb8cdAF6C747aA14f136b address and you will receive PKH automaticly. (Please set gas limit more than 80000 and gas fee more than 10 GWEI).

Token details

Contract address
Total supply: 10 Billion. Circulating Supply: 6,5 Billion.
1 ETH=20000 PKH (50% discount). Time and exchange to be determined
1 ETH=20000 PKH (50% discount). Time: 2019/06/13-2019/07/15
Price: 1 ETH=10000 PKH. Time: 2019/07/16-2019/08/15
Soft cap: 2000 ETH. Hard cap: 250000 ETH

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More information

Token distrubtion
Total supply 10 Billion: 5% for Airdrop (0.5 Billion), 10% for IEO (1 Billion), 5% for Pre-sale (0.5 Billion), 10% for Crowdsale (1,0 Billion), 10% for exchanges deposit and listing (1 Billion), 15% for Community operation (1,5 Billion), 15% for Team incentives (1,5 Billion), 10% for marketing (1,5 Billion), 20% for lock (2 Billion, lock 2 years).
Richard Weis (CEO, blockchain expert from Switzerland, pikachu enthusiast). Tianhe Wang (CTO, IT engineer from China, game lover). Martin Christen (Blockchain engineer from Germany, pokmeon fan). Tobias Zimmermann (Game engineer from Austria, pikachu lover). Marion Brunner (PR from Switzerland, pokemon enthusiast).
Whitepapr in English
Pikacho (PKH) is a community coin designed by pikachu fans and made for pikachu lovers to promote pikachu culture. It is not affiliated with Nintendo, The Pokémon Company & Niantic Labs.